Storms can cause serious damage to your home. Sometimes it's damage you can't see.


Damage ranges from fallen trees and power lines to water damage from leaky roofs. Severe windstorms can peel off roofs, blow out windows and make your home uninhabitable. Whether you are the victim of  a roof cave-in from a blizzard or a Category 5 hurricane, getting estimates for repairs is a must if you are to recover the funds you need to repair your home from your insurance company.


At CPM we specialize in storm damages, so we have the relationships necessary to negotiate your property claim value and make those repairs per insurance scope. Doing quality work is always the most important thing, however you can only put the materials you can afford on your property, so knowing what the insurance needs and how much everything is really worth are two of the most important parts of any insurance claim. The most important part is making sure your property is restored to the original condition or better. We will do your work per insurance scope.


Hail is obvious and does not happen very often, so it is called in more often than wind. However many more wind claims occur than hail by far! Small hail and wind combined are just like a powerful sandblaster and they can take years off of your roof in one night. Many people with these sort of wind damages do not call anyone until it rains… Some insurance companies will only let you file a claim for 1 year and by the time the leak happens you are outside that window. There are ways of finding out when it might benefit you to file without having a claim charged against you. Contact CPM and we will send a Project Manager out to check for storm damage on your entire property. Even if you have been turned down for damage before, we would still like to hear from you. 


Wind storms cause damage everywhere! If have this or other potentially damaging conditions like these in your area, having a free inspection is never a bad idea, calling your insurance for it can cause you a wasted claim! CPM will be happy to come out and give you an estimate or opinion on what it would cost if you did not use your insurance but unless we think it has a 75% possibility of full replacement we will not recommend filing a claim. However, we will still assist you beyond that if you choose to file anyway. Estimates,  reports, test patterns, anything you need we will provide it.

Roof after a storm,
as seen from the ground.
Roof after a storm,
close up.