Your roof and gutters are the most critical component of your home.


Our team of experienced professionals will help determine the best possible solution to your property damage, rather you want an estimate or someone to help you work with your insurance company.

If you have roof damage or if you need any kind of Property Storm Damage and roof repair after a storm, CPM can help you. We understand protecting your investments with dependable materials requires a contractor that understands market value and what paperwork is required to get all the money you were awarded. Our focus is to exceed your expectations.

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We understand that on time paper work speeds up the whole process and controls when your roof can be built. We will work to ensure the most funds possible so that the best material and workmanship can be dedicated to your property restoration. So our project managers will make every effort to expedite your insurance payments so our crews can begin sometimes within a week from the time you have the inspection from the insurance company.

CPM has some of the most efficient and professional crews for residential roofing in Southwest Ohio. In most cases anything under 30 squares can be done in one day with absolute confidence that everything is up to code. Our crews are polite, respectful and clean up their mess, (down to the yard magnet) for nails. We look for small gutter problems we may be able to straighten out for you while we are up there and make sure the deck of your roof is solid enough to nail to. Some companies just go over bad boards and do not bother calling the insurance to fill out the paper work to get the entire roof covered! When it comes to storm damage, you need a great roofer and a better project manager to make sure the roofer has everything they need. If the insurance thinks you do not have anyone that knows what the work is worth, many times they will give the lowest amount they can get you to agree with.